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The terrace opens from 12:00pm to 02:30pm for lunch and from 06:00pm to 10:30pm for dinner. The bar will be open all day from 11am to 11:30pm.

Jardin d'Hiver
Terrasse Eugénie 

Throughout the summer season, our restaurant and bar invite you to enjoy our beautiful Terrace, nestled in the heart of the hotel, a true haven of peace in the bustling city of Paris.

This year, the hotel celebrates its 145th birthday and launches the "Terrasse Eugénie" in tribute to the same-named Empress who was a loyal guest of the hotel. 

The terrace opens from 12:00pm to 02:30pm for lunch and from 06:00pm to 10:30pm for dinner. The bar will be open all day from 11am to 11:30pm.